“Web 2.0” tools

These are some of the web sites mentioned in the Garry Brand video.  I am adding other sites as I learn more myself.  These are all web based and are often free for the basic version.  I haven’t checked all these out myself so no guarantees here.  These are my notes too actually for future followup.

Directory Of Tools:

  1. www.go2web20.net  lists perhaps thousands of tools
  2. http://www.go2web20.net/#tag:most-popular  the most popular tools
  3. itredux.com/office-20/database
  4. www.viralvideochat.com
  5. www.grcc.edu/gbrand

Some specific Web Tools:

  1. Gliffy  – Free Web based Visio Replacement
  2. Netvibe – Web parts to master feeds, bookmarks, blogs…
  3. ZohoShow – Free  Web based Presentation software
  4. Google spreadsheet – allows simultaneous users working from the web.
  5. Blackboard
  7. SlideShare  – as a plug in to LinkedIn
  8. Wufoo – questionaire and forms design and capture responses all on the web.

Other tools that look like they might be useful:

  1. http://www.slickplan.com/  flow chart and site map generator.
  2. googledocs

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