“Web 2.0” SN Videos

Here are several links to informative Professional Social Networking (SN) Videos I viewed recently.

http://vimeo.com/8231012  This 30 minute video focuses on the use of LinkedIn with support from a Blog and Twitter.  It is produced by an HR professional.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYjczhygPPQ  Professor Garry Brand presents this 62 minute video on the use of web based (Web 2.0) tools for use in education.  A number of tools are available for free on the internet for use in your own blogs and web sites is presented as well as resource sites where these are found.  The same video is embedded below:

http://www.radian6.com/?vid=a9f371df92df40519de0230cd802249a Here is video from Radion6 describing social networking and it’s impact on business and branding, suggesting that social media is “the next big thing” where “the media is the message” much like email changed the way we work, so will social media options.

Updated 2/1/2010  |  Created 1/13/2010


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