Posted by: Harold Ennulat | April 17, 2011

Learning PLC Programming

A number of people have commented and made suggestions on how to learn PLC programming in the LinkedIn “Automation and Control Engineering” group.  The group is now an open group, so the link should work for anyone without being a member of the group.

For my comments follow this link.

I also found a several additional resources by doing a google search for “PLC programming“.  A featured site that offers online and on site PLC program training is here.

PLCs.Net offers this syllabus for their video training course.  It appears to cover most all of the basic PLC programming concepts.

The basics include such things as the history of the PLC, how the PLC works, the basic functions, PLC programming languages, the numbering systems, addressing/tagging, various kinds of logic used in the PLC and how to put them together to build functional circuits or functions, subroutines, and program execution sequencing, shift registers, discrete and analog control, data manipulations, doing math, handling fast I/O (input and output events), and a few things about wiring up the I/O the right way.

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