Posted by: Harold Ennulat | February 21, 2011

The Value Of A Systems Integrator

Hear from the presidents of Control Engineering magazine top 3 picks for the 2011 System Integrators Of The Year at

Some good thoughts and considerations on the value of systems integrators, weather or not you agree with the importance they place on certifications.

Main points include:

  • Many client companies have turned their controls engineers into project managers with not enough time to implement projects.
  • system integrators can flex needed resources for particular projects or within a project throughout the project life cycle.
  • system integrators have a variety of specialized skills.
  • find a system integrators and leverage them over the long term to get maximum value.
  • develop CSIA (Control Systems Integrator Association) certifications that demonstrate skills to new clients.
  • system integrators should know how to manage risk and have tools/techniques for allowing reuse of code and techniques that save time.

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