Posted by: Harold Ennulat | January 3, 2011

PID Tuning Discussion

There are some pretty good discussion going on, on PID tuning at LinkedIn.  

One is found at:

Lots of tuning ideas are shared including resources on how to learn and apply different tuning strategies for different purposes.  Membership in the “Process Control” discussion group is required.

Another discussion called “How to design perfect a P.I.D Control in PLC Program….”   is found in the “Automation Engineers” discussion group at:


The salient posts and comments have been collected and are now available in the PID Tuning Discussion & Notes page on this blog.

Wikipedia has a good article and info on PID control and tuning as well as additional resources.  It focuses however on the “parellel” form of the PID equation rather then on the classical (also called the “standard”) form of the PID equation.   The behavior of these 2 forms can be quite different when attempting to tune them.

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