Posted by: Harold Ennulat | July 21, 2010

ISA | Web Exclusive: Unraveling PAC

Here is an article on the PAC vss PLC debate focussing on what a number of PLC, PAC, and I/O suppliers think a PAC is.  Thanks to Claude Lambert for sending me this link.


The term Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) has been used for over eight years with a few companies claiming to have invented the term.  The term refers to more powerful controllers, but the term PAC continues to be imprecise since there is no industry standard to use as a benchmark.  InTech asked a number of suppliers to provide their definition of a PAC—to find common ground and determine where there are differences—and for one example of a product the vendor provides that fits their PAC definition.  Follow the link below to see a summary based on the responses.

via ISA | Web Exclusive: Unraveling PAC.

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