Posted by: Harold Ennulat | February 2, 2010

PLC Programming Basis: Survey Results

When you program a PLC, what do you use as the basis for your programming?  Here are the survey results… so far

Click on the images to see an enlarged view.

This survey was solicited on a number of controls and automation discussion groups on LinkedIn.
So far it looks like most of us use a combintion of methods to get information about the program we need to write. Formal modeling of the program is used the least.
For background on this survey see the post entitled “PLC Programming Approaches”.
To take the survey yourself click here.
For those on LinkedIn and are members of the particular discussion groups, here are some links to additional group member comments on this topic:

Automation Engineers
Industrial Automation and Controls Network
Control System Integrators Group
PLC / SCADA / MES – World Wide Community
Control Nerds
Automation & Controls

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  1. Even if formal modelling of the PLC program is used the least, we should strive for it. Writing in words what a PLC program should do could help a lot. You could get an approval from the customer on this paper. And you could refer to these sentences, in each part of the customized PLC program. This could avoid unnecessary discussion afterwards.

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