Posted by: Harold Ennulat | January 5, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Overview

Many of the technologies that I have mentioned in this recent series of posts about Microsofts new technology tools are incorporated in their Visual Studio development Environment.  The latest version of this suite of programming tools is currently in Beta 2 testing.  This means it should be released soon.  Visual Studio 2010 will come with a new .net framework (4.0) that more fully incorporates the features recently presented.

I signed up today to attend a session presenting the Visual Studio 2010 programming capabilities.  The overview is called “Driving Your Development with Visual Studio 2010”.   Event ID: 1032438260

In our area this will be presented on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 8:30 AM at our local Microsoft office.

Microsoft Office – Minneapolis
8300 Norman Center Drive, Suite 950
Bloomington, Minnesota, 55437
United States

Phone: (952) 832-8000

I don’t believe I’ve ever been there, so it should be fun.

Click on the link for other In Person Events from Microsoft.



  1. For my report on the actual “in person event” see my post at

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