Posted by: Harold Ennulat | December 31, 2009

AutoCAD Drawing Automation

I suppose many would consider the AutoCAD product to be a drawing automation tool.  And it certainly is.  However I’m looking for a tool that can be used to generate drawings directly from an equipment list or instrument and I/O list.  In particular it seems that I/O drawings and drive drawings and other drawings that have a repetitive pattern to them could be generated automatically from a well laid out equipment list with some adjunct tables specifying a template drawing, the symbols or blocks to use, and the locations.  I did search for AutoCAD plug ins and came up empty as far as electrical drawing automation tools go.  Perhaps I’m looking for the wrong thing, so I’m asking any readers if they know of any such tools.

AutoCAD has a tool that will generate I/O drawings from a template spreadsheet file. However this tool is limited to only certain types of I/O drawings.  Also, I learned that this tool is written in Lisp (as opposed to VB.NET) and is difficult to modify.

I’m sure a tool like this is out there.  Please post a comment here if you learn of any potentially useful tools for generating electrical and control schematics directly from a users equipment list.

In the mean time I’m continuing to look for solutions…


  1. If you can make AutoCAD Electrical work for your needs. Try and use it to 1st create the spreadsheet AutoCAD needs to imports to auto-generate PLC I/O schematics.

  2. We have developed a frame work which generates drawings in AUTOCAD within 5 minutes. The frame work can be cusotmized for any electrical or mechanical design inputs on an input screen and convert the design to drawing automatically.

  3. Ganesh, please leave a link to where more information can be obtained.

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